Linked Social Accounts

Linked accounts are a way for you to log in to your Databank using your social network identity instead of your Databank email address and password. 

Your Databank supports using the following social network logins as substitutes for your Databank account:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. 

In effect, we're saying that if these networks believe you are who you say you are, then we will too!  This means you have one less password to remember (though you should always keep your Databank password and store it in a safe place).

The process for linking your Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn accounts are very similar so let's start with them:


Social Logins

Click the Facebook icon on your Login page.


Give Facebook permission to share your email address with your Databank.


You should now be able to log in with your Facebook account!
Google and LinkedIn are a similar process.

Twitter, however, is a little trickier - it doesn't share its members' email addresses with other applications. This means you have to manually authorize the linking of your Twitter account with your Databank.



Click the Twitter icon.


Copy the required code.


Log into your Databank with your email address and Datbank password. This confirms your identity.


1. Click on the profile icon at the top right corner of the Databank title bar.

2. Click the "My Profile" button. This brings you to the Edit User Profile page.


Type in the code and click Link and Submit.

You have now linked your social account!  The social network is added to the list of linked social accounts after you refresh the page.

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