The Properties page is the first place you land after creating a new issue. It dictates the basic rules for how your PowerMail will behave.

1. Subject : This is what your members will see in their inbox.

2. Internal Issue Description: Use this field for organizational purposes. Your members will not see this description.

3. Issue date: This field is to keep track of when your PowerMail issue was created.

4. Folder: Store your issue in your desired folder. The default is PowerMail, which is the top level, but you can create a new one as well.

5. Campaign: Is this issue part of a fundraising campaign? If so, select the appropriate campaign from the pull down list. This will allow you to identify all emails and responses specific to that campaign.

6. Duplicate: You may want to use the layout from a past issue rather than create a new template from scratch. If so, simply click Duplicate on your Properties page.

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