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One page donation page. Completed
8 votes 14 comments
Personalize page after someone has taken action on an alert Completed
11 votes 10 comments
Ability to make global updates to records Completed
11 votes 9 comments
Personalized subject lines in PowerMail Completed
4 votes 6 comments
Capability to edit steps of a multi-step search query Completed
10 votes 6 comments
Any interest in county level action alerts? Not planned
0 votes 6 comments
Allow searching for people who have had a contribution soft credited. Completed
1 vote 5 comments
Credit Card Decline Notifications Completed
7 votes 4 comments
I would like a query that pulls on household giving (rather than individual giving). Completed
9 votes 4 comments
Post-Action Taking Social Media Bonanza Page
6 votes 4 comments
Add Alternate/"Address 2" fields to Contact Information Not planned
1 vote 4 comments
html editor for event/meeting description pages Completed
0 votes 4 comments
Allow comped registrations and zero dollar contributions. Completed
4 votes 4 comments
Customizing the Meeting/Event Confirmation e-mails
5 votes 4 comments
Duplicate Search & Ungroup Completed
2 votes 3 comments
Add multiple email addresses to a member record Not planned
12 votes 3 comments
Directly Print Information from Databank to a Letter Completed
1 vote 3 comments
Most Recent Pledge Amount as a Merge Field in PowerMail Completed
0 votes 3 comments
Add Contact Note by BCCing or Forwarding to an email address Not planned
3 votes 3 comments
Savable Member Roster Completed
1 vote 3 comments
Why did you unsubscribe? Completed
4 votes 3 comments
Radial Searching Completed
3 votes 3 comments
Upload & attach documents to records Completed
0 votes 3 comments
Download report - Pull in data for BOTH household members Completed
1 vote 3 comments
Formattable Action Page Completed
3 votes 3 comments
Online Monthly Donor Renewal Completed
3 votes 3 comments
Time of a contribution included in a data download Completed
1 vote 3 comments
Mobile giving, list building via mobile phones and text Completed
6 votes 3 comments
Search for activists who have responded to X or more alerts Completed
0 votes 3 comments