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Add multiple email addresses to a member record

Not planned



  • Barbra Jotzke-Torrier

    I would also like to keep track of multiple e-mails per person. We have some people who use one address when they take action (home) but a different one (office) to receive our updates. Ideally, each address would be able to receive mail and separately respond to ok to e-mail/bounces etc, so that if one address goes bad the person does not fall off the list.

  • Jacqueline Hair

    This would be so helpful for our organization!  We send out multiple mailings, and some of our members want our general to go to their personal emails, while the funding ones go to a work email to be passed on, for example.  We need a way to EASILY keep track of these.  Sometimes it seems like using a service such as Constant Contact would be easier, but we really want this integrated with our system!

  • Beka Wilson

    We would love to see this changed!  There are people on our list who unknowingly have unsubscribed BOTH of the email addresses that they have on file with us, when in some cases they only meant to unsubscribe their work address, etc.  I like the idea of having 3 different fields for email. 


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