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Share on Facebook Button for Petitions

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    A modern tool to use when generating sharing links is WatershedShare by M+R.

  • William Naylor

    Hi Lindy,


    Now that you have access to the form builder, this is something you are able to customize yourself.  One thing I recommend for all petitions is to put a facebook comments box on the thank you page.  If you go to this page on Facebook's site, they give you a tool to generate the code to insert on your thanks page: .  You'll need to flip your thanks page into HTML mode prior to pasting in the code snippet you get from Facebook.  What the comments allows the person who signed your petition to do is see the comments that other people have made and add their own.  When they add a comment though, that will go on their wall and their friends newsfeeds with a link back to your petition form.

    For the ability to add other sharing, such as email, facebook, and twitter, you could also insert those on the page using the html editor.


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