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Welcome package for new email sign-ons

Not planned



  • Erin Fernandez

    I too am looking for a welcome email (only- not the package) that will automatically be sent, like an autoresponder however many days I choose it to go out after a person signs up for the email list. They would still get their normal email list confirmation email immediately after signing up but this welcome email would automatically be sent a day(s) after that.

    Constant Contact has this functionality too, I would create the welcome email  and it was set to send out 1 day after they signed up for email list (that was my choice but you could set it to go out any # of days after they signed up for the email list).  It was like an Autoresponder that you could set to go out any # of days after they signed up.

  • Nisha Singh

    This would be a great feature!  For our charities, we have a pretty basic email schedule with one e-newsletter per month along with various email updates or appeals.  We wouldn't want the first email that a new subscriber receives from us to be an appeal, so having a welcome package would really help us in our goals to foster an online community rather than just fostering online donors.  Keep us posted!


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