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Directly Print Information from Databank to a Letter




  • Official comment
    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    Mail Merge is now an open beta test for all Databank clients.

    To sign up for the Mail Merge beta test, please complete this form.

  • Kelly Florek

    We love Mike's dream... and... second the motion!

    Perhaps related, or, possibly different.... when we have people call in to register for an event, who do not use computers or have email, we would like to be able to press a button to spit out a confirmation letter to them (just as is possible with an email).

    Please consider this feature enhancement!

    Thanks from all of us at Bellarmine in Barrington, Illinois!

  • Erica Rube

    The goal would be to skip mail merging. It adds a lot of steps.  


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