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Add Contact Note by BCCing or Forwarding to an email address

Not planned



  • Travis Leiker

    Fantastic idea.  Very helpful.  Convio has this tool and it made my life so much easier in the past. 

  • Ben

    We also would very much like to see this happen.


    It would make the most sense for the email received by TDB to look at the recipient address, record a contact note on the corresponding TDB Member's record, list out the sender's address as either the "Contacted By" or as part of the body of the note, and leave a note of contact. Maybe also the body of the email message?

    Another question: would it be possible for TDB to read the name of the sender, not the email address itself, and have that be the "Contacted By" field value?

  • Chandra Brown

    Yes!  BCC an email into the personal notes field will make the Databank much more functional for us.  We use a separate database system that does this (Insightly) for managing high-touch communications and contacts.  Putting all of this into a single system is critical for our mission and effectiveness.


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