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Accept International Payments w/ Vanco




  • Nisha Singh

    As a coalition administrator for four charities, it would be incredibly useful for our users to be able to process international payments through our payments page rather than doing it through the VANCO system.  One reason is that many people who we might give access to our databank to perform data entry or to post payments may not have access to our VANCO account information, which means international payments need to be communicated to the VANCO administrator to be posted.  And as the current administrator (i.e. the person who usually ends up posting all of these payments and then manually entering all of the contribution information), it would save me a fair amount of time and eliminate a lot of opportunities for error - probably something like 10 minutes total for the donation and contribution record, not counting the amount of time it takes someone to tell me about it and then for me to get around to doing it...

  • William Naylor

    You can now post International Payments to Vanco.  In order to successfully post a payment, you will need to enter the two character country code in the Country field of the payment record prior to posting. For example Canada is CA.  For payments outside the US and Canada, you will need to leave the state and zip code fields blank.


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