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Add Alternate/"Address 2" fields to Contact Information

Not planned



  • Aron Klein

    I agree that this would be helpful. Some members want to receive mail at their office, but their home address is different. This is important to make sure that we are correctly identifying our member's congressional districts based on their home address, not their business address.

  • Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    Thank you for the feedback, Aron.

    We are in the design stage of some major changes to the way we store and utilize addresses, phone numbers and emails in your Databank. This will be a significant enhancement to your Databank's functionality, so it will be a while before this is implemented.

    This ticket will be updated when we are closer to an implementation.

  • Aviva

    Yes, many folks in New Mexico have a home address (as said above, needed for identifying their districts), PO box for mail, and sometimes an office or other address. This is hugely important and a major stumbling block in using TDB.

  • Aron Klein

    Hi Marcos,

    Wondering if you have an update on implementation of this. I have been encountering more situations recently where I'd like to be able to store multiple addresses for a record.


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