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Why did you unsubscribe?




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    William Naylor

    Clients can now specify a page that constituents can be redirected to after confirming that they are unsubscribing.  This means that now when someone clicks unsubscribe in an email, goes to the subscription preference form and unsubscribes, you can have us redirect them to a page/form of your choosing where they could indicate why they have unsubscribed.  Once a client has designed the page that they would like their constituents redirected to, e.g. a survey monkey form, please submit a support request with the url of that page and it you are a client with coalitions, which of your orgs unsubscribe pages should have this redirect.

  • Lindy

    Great idea.  I would love to see this feature as well.

  • Ben

    I'm not going to specify the specific verbiage or options we'd like to see at this point, but we definitely want to see this feature happen and soon if possible.


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