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html editor for event/meeting description pages




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    Permanently deleted user

    As of March, we've added a simple HTML editor to the Meetings/Events "Meeting Details" area (as well as a well other places within the Module).  You'll now be able to deliver more dynamic and interesting meeting details without writing the HTML yourself!

  • Permanently deleted user

    FYI for the geekier among us, you can include HTML tags in the description. Here's a cheat sheet on basic HTML tags/codes:

  • Permanently deleted user

    Also, here is a link to a How-To Support Article:

    It gives a bit more detail about where in the system HTML can be used as well as some intro HTML to consider.  If you are already comfortable with HTML, give it a whirl by putting HTML in the meeting/event description and see how it looks on the live page!

  • Joshua Bertsch

    cool!  ::Thumbs Up::


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