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allow creating a subset of targets in the advocacy module (i.e. members of the ag appropriations subcommittee) so that only one action alert needs to be sent to all the individuals in those states.




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    Sue Ponsford

    This is part of the functionality of the Soft Edge advocacy integration that will be rolled out 1/1/14. We're setting up beta testers for it now. Please contact us if you're interested in being a beta tester.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thanks for posting this, Sandra. I know at least one other client has run into this - and I seem to recall it was a "thank or spank" alert where the message was different depending on how an individual's rep(s) had voted. Clients, please add your ideas/experiences to this discussion.

  • Ryan Werder

    We also would very much like a "thank or spank" option, depending on what address people type in. For example, if they live in 54321 and have Representative A, they send a thank you. If they enter 12345 then they send a "spank." For accountability work, in particular - where there is rarely a unanimous vote - this is important. Thank you. ~Michigan LCV 

  • Tom Stolp

    Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters would definitely like to see a "thank or spank" option for action-alerts. Basically, we need to be able to categorize legislators based on how they voted, and make certain that legislator who voted well on a bill don't get spanked and legislators who vote poorly are not thanked. This option is essential. Bascially, there's no way of doing accountability action-alerts with certainty that some legislators won't receive the wrong message.

  • Matt Hauge

    I strongly support this!  At a minimum, I would like to be able to query my people in multiple districts with one query step.  To find all my supporters who are constituents of a committee currently appears to take as many as 14-20 query steps, depending on what committee we want.

    If I could just comma separate district numbers, this would be much easier, and it would be a step on the road to this larger feature request.

  • Joshua Bertsch

    A wrinkle to this request:

    It would be helpful for our work if subsets of targets (i.e. legislators who authored a particular piece of legislation) would receive different/tailored target messages from those sent to other legislators.  Currently this would require mutliple alerts to be sent out  for the same issue, with different queries for each type of target (non-author vs. author, etc.)  I don't know, exactly, how it could be changed to facilitate fewer alerts/steps, but any improvement would be appreciated.


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