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Customizing the Meeting/Event Confirmation e-mails



  • Jennifer Dixey - UMKC

    It would be nice if the default confirmation email and thank you page were taken from the Form, but then at the Meeting level, one or both could be customized on a per-meeting basis. If no customized confirmation email or thank you page is found, then the default one from the Form level is used.

  • Steven Streib

    Like embedding a link in the confirmation email. Using DataBank to register users for our online classes has worked very well except that the confirmation email cannot contain anything different than the current meeting description. We would like to make it so the registrant cannot see the link until after registration.

  • Natalie

    Agreed. It would be nice to be able to customize these like other forms. In particular, it would be great to have the confirmation page go to a specific donation page (unique to each meeting).

  • Emily Hockenberry



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