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Ability to make global updates to records




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    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    This feature is now implemented for all premium Databank clients. Updates can be made to multiple records for the custom user fields (the configured fields in the personal history tab), city, country and title. 

    This support document explains the tool and it's features in more detail:

  • Colleen Byrne

    This would be a great feature for our Databank as well.

  • Nisha Singh

    Would definitely be helpful in updating company-wide addresses and for adding notes unrelated to contacts!

  • Jake Gysland

    This would be doubly helpful with the ability to bulk update records by uploading tables, but even by itself, it would be better than nothing.

  • Jake Gysland

    Any progress on this?

  • Permanently deleted user

    Currently this is not in our development plan.  It has been discussed within our development team and a specification document has been created, but for now it is not actively being worked on.  

    The best way to get it moved into active development and become a FREE part of the default system is to get more clients voicing their support for the feature.  (There's always the capacity to do development as a paid custom project however most feature requests are targeted toward getting the functionality for free as part of the base system)

  • Joshua Bertsch

    Not to be a nuissance and raise spectres of the the past, but this funtionality would be FANTASTIC!

  • Enoch

    We NEED this!

  • Kate Graham

    This would be a fantastic addition and would increase day to day function enormously! 


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