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Online Monthly Donor Renewal




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    Permanently deleted user

    I am happy to announce that for users with access to contributions there is a new report available.  The report is called "Expired Credit Cards on Active Pledges" and is available in the Reports section of your databank.  This report shows records that have active pledges on credit cards that either already expired or will expire within 90 days.  Now you can take action before the card expires!

    The report provides a direct link to the page to update the credit card information.  For Non-Vanco clients, this is all they need to do to update the CC info and receive payment using the new card.  For Vanco clients, they will need to contact Vanco directly to update the CC for payment, but should also update the information in their databank so that records are removed from the report.

    The report also provides a link to make the records on the report into the current selection so you can to send them a Powermail.


  • Permanently deleted user

    Thanks for posting this idea, Lauren.  We are exploring a report that would select people based on credit card expiration date.

    Yes, great idea to email the online donation page to donors who are about to lapse.

  • Denise Welch

    We send letters to our monthly donors at the end of the year, giving them their total contributions for the year (for tax purposes), telling them how valuable their monthly support has been (including a few bullet points about our accomplishments) and include the line "If you wish to increase your monthly contribution amount for 20xx, please let us know; otherwise, we will assume you want to continue your valuable support at your 20xx level" in the first paragraph.

    We've never had a monthly donor ask us to stop!


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