To Do Feature Now Available Through Activity Records

Your Databank now supports future dating activities of type TODO (to do) in order to get email reminders of tasks you should attend to on that date.

Create the activity in the history of the contact you'll need to interact with, and give it the TODO activity type.  If this is a reminder for yourself, enter yourself in the Activity By field.  If this is a reminder for another staff member, enter them in the Activity By field.  Enter the task in the Note field.


Each morning, your Databank is scanned for TODO activities, and notification emails are sent to the staff indicated in the Activity By field, so that when you arrive to work, the reminders are waiting for you in your inbox.


There's no setup for this feature.  It's available now as a standard feature at no extra cost.


The notification emails include 4 buttons that allow you to View the activity record, mark the activity as DONE, reschedule the task for tomorrow, or reschedule it for a week later.  The buttons all assume you're already logged into your Databank.


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