MayDay Creating Meetings and Calendar Forms

Introduction - This support guide will walk you through on the steps necessary to properly create MayDay event signups along with the corresponding calendar form. There are two essential components to this: 1.Create an event registration  and

 2.Create a calendar form for that event

1. Creating a MayDay Event Registration

1A. The first step is to look up and go to the previous years MayDay calendar events (Meetings > List or Meeting >Search to find an existing event) and create a duplicate of that event. Please note: You will repeat this process for each of the MayDay event registrations.

1B.  Once you have duplicated the meeting edit the following information from the *Properties* tab:

  • Meeting Name
  • Meeting Date
  • Description of the Event (update dates and any necessary communication

Once you have updated this click Submit

1C. The *Options* tab of the event usually does not change but if you need to change the text or choices you can click on the pencil/paper edit icon.

NOTE: For the following section of the event you will need to have the Campaign created for that calendar year, along with the corresponding segments. Feel free to use previous year campaign format as a guideline for the new year campaign set up.

1D. For this next step you will need to update the existing listed campaign to the updated Fiscal Year one.

  •  Step 1 - Update the campaign to 1920 Earned Revenue > click Submit
  • Step 2 -  Update the existing segment with the corresponding segment of the new fiscal year > click Submit

Refer to the Before and and After screenshots.

 Before proceeding to step 2 (to edit the segment) make sure the campaign is updated as seen in the screenshot below

1E. Now that you have updated the campaign name from the dropdown, you can edit each segment by doing the following: 

  • Click on the edit icon (pen/paper icon) > click on the segment dropdown and update it to the corresponding campaign > click submit. See screenshot below
  • You will need to do this step for each payment option

 This concludes the first part of this guided tutorial. In the next section you will learn what you need to update within a calendar form.

2. Duplicating a Calendar Form to Host the MayDay Events

 Please note: You will be either duplicating an existing MayDay calendar forms that were created from the previous year or updating the existing MayDay calendar form.

  •  The only calendar forms you will be duplicating are the ones that have a year associated with it.

2A. In this example the MayDay Information Table and Community Voices Combo Registration just needs to be updated.

  • Step 1: Go to Forms tab
  • Step 2: Click on the pen/paper icon to edit that form

Note: If you need to duplicate the form, once you click on the edit icon there will be a Duplicate button on the top right of the page (located in between the Submit and Reset Form buttons).

2B. The main you will need to update within the MayDay calendar forms is the campaign associated with the form.

  • Go to the Contribution tab of the form
  • Under the Campaign dropdown select the update campaign for the fiscal year > click Submit

 You will now need to go through the Thanks, Email and Activity tab of your MayDay event calendar form to update any necessary contact information. Make sure to click submit after making any changes

3. Final Results

You have now created a MayDay event along with the form. The last final step is for you to make sure that your MayDay event is associated with the MayDay calendar form that you just updated. 

3A. All you need to do here is go back to your MayDay event that you have created and make sure under the Preview tab that you have the correct MayDay calendar form associated.

Refer to screenshot below.

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