Searching for Subscription and Unsubscribe Histories

Subscriptions Query

Go to Search > Subscriptions

Fill out the your desired fields and click Find.

Contacts Query

Go to Search > Contacts

Specify what type of contact you are looking for and click Find.


A list of members that match your search criteria now appears. Click on a member to view their contact history.

When a contact is made by "member" that means that the action was completed by one of your end-users rather than someone logged into your Databank.


Different Contact Types in your Contact History:

  1. Subscribe Prefs: the member subscribed to the publications listed in the Note
  2. UNSUB: the member unsubscribed from the publication in the Note afterreceiving the publication in a PowerMail
  3. UNSUB OTHER: the member unsubscribed from the publication in the Note after receiving a different publication in PowerMail
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