November 15th 2016 - Self Service Upload

Note: Make sure to click on the images below for a close up view of the directions.

The Self-Service Upload Tool will allow you to upload comma-separated or tab-separated text files into your database. This tool is great if you received or collected information in a spreadsheet form and want to quickly upload it into your system.

Organization users: Please note that if you want the new records to belong to a particular Organization, you need to run Self Service Upload when you are logged in as that specific Org Administrator.

1. Getting Started

1. Under Setup, select Self Service Upload.

2. Click the plus icon.



2. Create a New Database

1. Enter a name for the new data set (this is only a temporary file, so the name isn't that important)

2. Enter tomorrow's date for the Expiration Date

3. Enter a Source Code (this name should be meaningful, such as "legacy data upload" or "Oct 14 events")

4. Select an Organization*

5. Browse for the data file. All files must be in a .txt, .csv or .tab format.

6. Upload file

If your data set is in another format, please contact for assistance

*You will only need to select an organization if you are part of a coalition. This will make certain that your data will only be visible to you and not any of your partner organizations.



3. Map your Data Fields

1. If the first row of your data file has field headers, click Contains Field Names

2. Use the menu to match your data fields with the fields available in your Databank.

3. Click Save

If your data fields do not match the fields available in your Databank, please contact for assistance.



4. Move Data in to Permanent Database

1. Login to your databank as the main admin user

2. Go to Setup > Upload Data > Self Service Upload

3. Click Move to Permanent db



5. Run a Duplicate Check

Run a duplicate check to merge any new Member records with existing records.

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