November 15th 2016 - Support

You've spent days crafting the perfect PowerMails. You've worked for hours in your Fundraising tool, setting up new segments. You're counting down the minutes; your organization's giving day is almost here!

But as the old adage goes, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. So what do you do if you're having some  technical difficulties on this most important of days?


Support Request

Have no fear... The support team at thedatabank, gbc  is here and more than happy to help you through any issues you may encounter with your system. Start out by using the dropdown under the Help menu and clicking Support Request.


From here, you'll want to fill out the form as thoroughly as possible.

1. Choose a type and topic that relates to your question. If your question invloves Advocacy or PowerMail, you'll have the ability to identify the exact folder and issue that is troubling you.

2. Select your name from this dropdown. If this is your first time submitting a request, then enter your name in the fields immediately under New Requester. After doing so, your name will be added to the list for future requests.

3. Describe the problem you're having. Remember: the more details you provide, the better chance we'll have at solving your problem efficiently and effectively.


Some more helpful hints:

  • If it's urgent, tell us in the request field! We'll make sure to take care of things as soon as we possibly can.
  • Always submit a request before calling our help line. We use your support requests to keep track of what issues you're having so we can make custom improvements to your system.
  • We encourage you to attach screenshots. If we can see exactly what's going on with your Databank, we'll know exactly how to fix it.
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