November 1st 2016 - PowerMail Reports

Time to set things straight with the different PowerMail reports offered in your Databank. These different tools provide distinct perspectives and actionable insights with the data that is captured within your system.

You can find them either by looking under:

1. Communication Menu > Reports


2. Help Menu > Report Descriptions


PowerMail Summary Report

This report gives you a bird's eye view of your email campaigns. Use the checkboxes on the left to select which of the issues you wish to examine more closely, then click "View Details" to see the performance of each batch of the selected emails, including time of day the email was opened.

Hint: At the bottom of the report, click on "Download Issue Report" to download the report (including the raw numbers) for further analysis in your desktop programs.


PowerMail Active Members

Your PowerMail Active Members report gives a summary of opens and click-thrus by member. If a member is consistently opening your emails and clicking the links inside, you might consider reaching out to them for another donation.

Hint: Be mindful that setting loose parameters may lead to time out errors


Recent PowerMails

This report lists PowerMail issues and batches that have recently been modified, published, or sent.

Hint: Trying to find an email that you've been working on earlier today but don't want to dig through all of your folders to find it? Enter "1" into this field and it'll pop up right away.

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