Mail Merging: What and Where?

Want to give a warm, individualized welcome to the new members of your organization? Need to send out some end-of-year tax summaries? Have a ton of donors you'd like to personally thank? You've come to the right place. The Mail Merge feature in your Databank enables you to easily create all of these and more.

Mail Merging allows you to automatically design individualized letters using the information stored in your personal table and fundraising module. You can choose, for example, to greet each recipient by their first name, insert their mailing address, or even cite their most recent contribution. By utilizing this feature, you can provide the unique recognition that all of your members want in a manner that is as efficient as it is effective.


Where do I access it?


The Mail Merge feature can be found under your Communication menu.


The Mail Merge feature is very similar to how your PowerMail tool is set up.

1. Here are the folders used to organize the different documents you've created. You can create a new folder under the Properties tab of each individual letter.

2. By clicking a folder, you will be able to see which specific letters are inside of it.

3. Select the "+" icon to create a new letter.


Contact Records

Want to send a personalized letter to a specific person? You can also access the Mail Merge tool through an individual member record by clicking the small icon in the top right corner.

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