Merging duplicates

Taking out the Trash

Taking out the Trash


Like a big bag of garbage, it's important to remove duplicate members from your database lest they start stinking up the place.

Here is how to get rid of the rotten records that are not detected by the regular duplicate merging process:



Look up the records you want to duplicate through one of the Search tools.



Click the edit icon of a record you want to merge.



Put a number in the Dup Group field for that person and select Save.

It is best to use a multiple digit number like "12121" so you don’t add the person to an already existing Dup Group.



Locate the other record which is a duplicate and click the Edit icon



Put the same number in their Dup Group and select Save.

Repeat all of these steps until you have added the Dup Group number to all members you want to merge.




1. Click on Duplicates from your Members menu

2. Select which records you wish to combine

3. Click EZ - Merge


Follow these few simple steps and those faulty, fetid records will be taken out with the trash!

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