October 4th 2016 - NCOA

thedatabank vs. print house

thedatabank vs. print house


It's that time of year again; the air is crisp, the leaves are crimson, and your schedule is crammed with last-minute mailings. Whether it's "Thank yous" to those who have already given or final appeals to those who have not, your organization is no doubt reaching out via the ol' paper and envelope.

But are your letters making it to their proper destination? Perhaps not if your constituents have recently moved. That's why it is important to consider an NCOA from thedatabank.

The NCOA (National Change of Address) service checks your constituent’s existing addresses against the US Postal Service database of all change-of-address requests in the preceding 48 months. Updated fields include new address, change of address date, and deliverability code. The US Postal Service requires addresses be NCOA processed within the past 90 days in order to qualify for postal discounts.

But you could also accomplish this through any old print house, right? Why not order your NCOA from the same place that is shipping out your letters in the first place?

The answer save you time. By having us take care of this all within your system, you no longer have to re-enter data. When your members move, we will automatically amend this info so that you can spend less time typing up new addresses and more time planning next year's campaign! Check out how to get started with a quarterly NCOA by looking at the Data Services page under the Setup menu in your Databank.

Summary - an NCOA from thedatabank ensures prompt delivery at the most current location of your constituents, saves loads of money by qualifying you for bulk mail rates, and cuts back on hours wasted on manually updating mailing addresses.

Interested in learning more? Connect with your Account Rep or check out your Data Services page under the Setup menu.

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