Setting up PayPal as a Payment Gateway

These directions will walk you through the steps of setting up PayPal as your Payment Gateway.
If you already have a payment gateway and are looking to set up PayPal Checkout, follow these directions.
Acquiring PayPal credentials for a payment gateway
1.  Go to and log in with your business account credentials.
Don't have a PayPal business account? Follow this link to sign up on the PayPal site
2.  Click CREATE APP under REST API apps
3.  Name the app.  If you don't know what to call it, just use thedatabank.  Click to create the app.
4.  The sandbox credentials are displayed.  Click the Live tab to see the live credentials.
5.  Click on Show to see the Live Secret.
6.  Copy the Client ID and Secret and send them to thedatabank. 
7. If you see the following message: 
Please note that not all features are available for live. Features available for live transactions are listed in your account eligibility.
click on account eligibility to make sure you're able to accept credit card payments. 
If you do not see this message, you're done! 
Skip the remaining steps.
8.  Scroll down the permissions list until you see Direct credit cards. 
If you see a green check mark on this line, you're done! 
Skip the remaining steps. 
Otherwise, click on the word Enable.
8.  PayPal informs you of the type of information they'll need in order to enable Direct credit cards. Click Continue.
9.  Read the Developer Agreement and agree to it in order to continue.
10.  Provide any missing information about your organization, then click Continue.
11.  Provide any missing personal information, then click Submit.
12.  PayPal will review your information and let you know when/if they have enabled Direct credit cards.
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