Claiming your Charity on CrowdRise

A primer on claiming your charity on CrowdRise and setting up your charity's fundraising page.

1. Claim your charity from Crowdrise's charity selector

The charity selector can be found here.

You can search by name, keyword or TAX ID (EIN Tax ID is the easiest way to search). 


2. Choose account type

There are two options available, the Tre or the Fiver.

The Tre

  1. Maximum fees of 3% per transaction
  2. Ongoing cost is $50 per month, first three months are free

The Fiver

  1. Maximum fees of 5% per transaction
  2. No ongoing costs
This page outlines the differences between the two.
Note that you need to claim your charity before viewing this page. 

About CrowdRise's Payment Processors

CrowdRise offers two different payment processors. The following pages explain the details between the two in more depth.


3. CrowdRise will contact your charity by phone using the phone number listed with Guidestar or on your organizations website

They will then give you a PIN which you will use to authenticate your claim and complete the sign up process.


4. Once you have claimed your charity, proceed to setting up your charity's page.

Here is an example of a charity which has set up a highly interactive site with numerous ongoing fundraisers.

And CrowdRise also provides some helpful next steps to take once your charity is claimed. 


 5. Integrate your CrowdRise page with your Databank.

To integrate your CrowdRise donations with your Databank, we will need your API key. To obtain this, you must request API access from CrowdRise directly. Once you have access, follow these steps.

  • Log in to CrowdRise
  • Click the circular CrowdRise icon in the upper right corner; choose Profile from the menu
  • On the Profile page, click "API Credentials" under Donation & Fundraising Info
  • Copy the page and send it to  Also tell us which of your Databank Fundraising campaigns will receive your CrowdRise donations.  Go to Fundraising --> Campaigns in your Databank to see a list of your existing campaigns, or to create a new campaign for your CrowdRise donations.

    Please note that you do not need to create any segments in your CrowdRise campaign.   A segment will be created automatically for each fundraiser.

    You can only have one campaign at a time receiving your CrowdRise donations.  However, you can switch to a different campaign at any time (e.g., if you create a new campaign at the beginning of each year) by sending in a support request telling us the campaign that should now receive your CrowdRise donations.
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