Creating a large button donation form

The new Simple Donate form is a donation form with large clickable buttons. These large buttons make the form easier to use for individuals on a touchscreen device.

If you are new to using the Form Builder, watch this helpful tutorial video.

Big buttons make selections easy when using touchscreen devices


In Form Builder click the Plus Icon to create a new form


Select one of the two Simple Donate templates

Simple Single Page is a single page donation form with the payment options and the personal information on the same page.
Simple Donate is a two page donation form with the payment options on the first page and the personal information on page two.

Give your form a unique ID and a title.


Click the Contribution tab to set up your donation buttons

Please note: Your organization may use Donations, Gifts, or Transactions instead of Contribution


Select a payment gateway and payment methods for your form.


Select Campaign and Segment for this form

Please note: Only one segment can be associated with the payment options on the Simple Donate forms


Enter your donation options

  1. The donation amounts are entered as a comma separated list
  2. Select whether or not to allow people to enter their own amount
  3. Select whether or not to give people the option to make this a recurring monthly donation

Choose your button color, text color and the recurring donation marker

Please note: The color selection dialog uses your browsers built in color selector. The interface will vary depending upon browser being used.


Behold your new form in all its glory!

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  • Avatar

    This is a big step in the right direction. Thank you!

    Is there a way to make the page more mobile responsive? I'm noticing in particular that the five button wide page requires either being zoomed out so far that the text boxes are teensy, or you can't see many of the suggested donation amounts. Thanks.

    Edited by Aviva
  • Avatar
    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    Thanks for the feedback, Aviva.

    Glad you like the new form, we will take a look at your comments and see what can be done to fine tune the usability of the form.

  • Avatar
    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    Hi Aviva,

    I looked into this further and it looks like the problem isn't the form, it's one of the templates being used. The template you have applied to that form does not include any of the responsive design elements.

    I've created a new template for you and will be following up over email.


  • Avatar
    Stefanie Francisco

    Hi Marcos! We're running into a similar issue on mobile devices as Aviva with our new Big Button form and I'm guessing the template is to blame. Which would be the best one to use for both mobile and desktop interface? Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have not seen anything on your form which immediately identified itself as a problem. If you have specific requests or needs, please submit a support request and we will look into it further.


  • Avatar

    Marcos—thank you! That did the trick, and our new form is bea-u-ty-full. Thanks for the top on applying the new template to our other forms. It will make a big difference for us and our members.

  • Avatar
    Phil Zuber

    Any possibility of including thank you gifts / premiums on the simple donate form?

    I realize this might make the thank you gift area have to go through some redesign in how its handled...

    but the simplicity of just having to just choose 1 segment for every donation option is easier to manage.

    the current method of managing thank you gifts (at least in our case) can be somewhat time consuming.

    Edited by Phil Zuber