Four fundraising reports to jumpstart the new year

With the year's end rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to plan for next year by identifying your top donors, reengaging with donors who have fallen off the radar and identifying pledges which are due for renewal.

To make these tasks easier, your Databank comes with a few key reports built-in to the system. All of these reports can be viewed onscreen, downloaded as a spreadsheet, or used to generate a member selection.

1. Most Valuable Members

Use this report to generate a list of your top donors. The list can be segmented by date and Fundraising Campaign.

Find this report in FUNDRAISING > REPORTS > DONOR

2. LYBNTY: Last Year But Not This Year

A simple report which does exactly what it says, with one-click see all donors who gave in the last 24 months, but haven't given in the last 12 months. 

Find this report in FUNDRAISING > REPORTS > DONOR

 3. Outstanding Active Pledges

Get a report of all your current pledges; the amount pledged, the amount paid, and the amount left to on the pledge. This report can be segmented by Financial Campaign.


4. Expired Credit Cards on Active Pledges

Another one-click report which gives exactly what you would expect, active pledges with credit cards which have expired or will expire within the next 90 days.


Looking for a specific report?

Be sure to take a look at the complete list of reports available in your Databank by visiting the Report Descriptions found in the HELP menu. This list has a description and link to all of your Databank's built in reports.

Need a different report?

Do you need a specific report which takes data from multiple tables and packages it into a format specifically designed for you? We are happy to build a custom report which will return exactly what you are looking for. Find out more about custom reports by speaking to your account representative or sending in a support request from your Databank.

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