A New Template For You!

The new Blue Invite template is an image focused template with nice big buttons for your recipients to click. Designed to look good across email clients, this responsive template even works in Outlook!

We hope you like it.

Download your new template now!

 To add this email template to your Databank, download the attached file and open it in a text editor. Copy and paste the text into the HTML editor of a new PowerMail issue. 


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    Elyse Tipton
    The download doesn't include a frame for the photo. Ijust get that weird tiny image that indicates I'm supposed to be seeing a photo. Frustrating.
  • Avatar
    Marcos Lopez-Carlson
    The source file for that image was inadvertently renamed, so it wasn't able to render the image. That file name has been restored so the image will turn up just fine. Thanks for bring that to our attention, Elyse!