User Interface Changes

Here's a short rundown of the recent changes to your Databank's user interface.

If you have problems such as Quick Find not working or your Profile box not opening, trying using your browser's Refresh or Reload button. Many of these user interface changes required JavaScript or CSS style updates. Your browser might not automatically download the newest versions of these types of files.

  1. The title bar has a User Profile icon. Click the icon to Log Out, change your User Profile, or change your password.
  2. "Logout" has been removed from the menu. Click the User Profile icon in the title bar to log out.
  3. "Home" has been replaced by "Dashboard" on the menu. Use the Dashboard menu to view a specific dashboard report, or the familiar slide show.

  4. The Search Results page now includes Email Address by default.
  5. You can now customize how your Search Results display! Click the Gear icon.

  6. Once the Gear icon is clicked, the AVAILABLE COLUMNS section lists fields you can add to your display results.  Simply drag a field name down to the VIEWING COLUMNS section.
  7. In the VIEWING SECTION, drag a field name left or right to change the order in which fields are displayed.  Or, remove a column from the display by dragging it back up to the AVAILABLE FIELDS section.

  8. The menu has been moved under the title bar. This puts the menu closer to where you work.
  9. The title bar has a colored background. This visually separates "browser stuff" from "Databank stuff."
  10. Icon colors and link colors are matched to your color scheme for a more uniform look.
  11. Many links have been changed to buttons so they stand out better.
  12. Buttons have been made larger so they're easier targets for clicking or tapping.
  13. The footer now includes links to thedatabank's social sites. These are a convenient way to catch up with what's going on at thedatabank, gbc.

  14. The HTML Editor has been updated. It works the same but has bug fixes that should improve your editing experience.  In terms of User Interface, its color scheme no longer looks like the Microsoft Office color scheme.


We hope these changes make your Databank more useful and more intuitive to use.

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