"Forward to a Friend" text link

We have added a "Forward to a Friend" text link, in addition to a button link, to the form links drop down in PowerMail™.

Many PowerMails™ you send from your Databank contain personalized links (links that will prefill information from thedatabank into an online form). We recommend inserting a "Forward to a Friend" link or button in your communication and encouraging your recipients to use this over their email program’s forward button. When recipients forward a message using "Forward to a Friend", it clears out the personalized information while still maintaining the links.

Below is great sample language you can add to your message:

This email has a unique link, just for you!
Please do not forward it to others.
Instead use Forward to a Friend to share this message.

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    Christy Coaty

    Love this! Thanks!

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    Elizabeth Leslie

    How do you customize a tell a friend form link?

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    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    Great question, Elizabeth.

    To edit the text in the link, I suggest mousing over the link and selecting all but the first and last letters. Type in your new text, then delete the first and last letters.

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    Hi, Databank. Is there a way to add a "forward to a friend" text link now that we've shifted over to the new (and awesome) drag and drop editor?

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    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    Hi Talia,

    Yes, there is a way. The system generated links are all in the "Special Links" menu when adding a link.