Three client suggested features just implemented in your Databank

A number of new features have been incorporated into your Databank in response to feature requests from our clients.

Do you have an idea on how to make your Databank serve you better? Make a suggestion or vote and comment on existing ones. Feature requests are the best way to get your ideas turned into reality.

Newly implemented Feature Requests:

  • Legislator scorecards available in PowerMail: In response to this request, PowerMail Form Links include a My Representative link.
  • Duplication merge and EZ Merge now support multi-select options: In response to this request, de-duplication merging now let's you append values when the user field allows multiple options.
  • Bulk unsubscribing is now available: One of the suggestions from this request was a bulk unsubscribe feature in the Publications tool. We thought that was a great idea too.
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