Network Problem - June 5, 2015


11:35 am - We received notice that password protection was not working for user logins into their Databank.

11:45 am - Connectivity to Databank's was severed as we rebooted our servers

11:50 am - Connectivity was restored and password protection was verified to be fully functional.

At this moment we are unsure of the scope of this problem.

This article will be updated with more information as we conduct a post-mortem of the event.


3:24 pm June 5

We have verified that during the timeframe of the password verification being down, there were no logins from IP addresses that had not previously logged in to


The error in our password verification system, AuthentiX, was caused when the application crashed. The crash was caused due to a conflict stemming from being connected to our old domain server. Severing the connection with the server resolved the issue.

To prevent this from happening again we have instituted regular testing of our password system. We are also in the process of evaluating replacement password verification systems.

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