Search Result Screen | VIDEO

1. Search Results Overview

2. Working with the Displayed Members

3. Sorting Search Results

Search Results Overview

View the matching records of the search, out of the total number of records in the Databank, in the upper right corner. Navigate between search results by using the Page feature, to advance through results by page. Click the green arrow to go to a different page, or click the green arrow with a line to go to the last page of results. Enter the page number and click the double arrows to go to a specific page.

Working with the Displayed Members

To edit a member record, click on the Edit icon.

To add a contribution record, click the Contribution icon.

To add a contact note, click the Contact icon.

To see an individual's member history, click on their hyperlinked name.

To jump to a group of information, click on the Go To menu.

To add this person to an address book, download their V card.

To remove a person from the search results, click the Remove icon. This only removes the person from the search results. This does not remove the person from the Databank.

Sorting Search Results

To do a custom sort on the search results page, scroll down to "Sort your search results." Sort by Last Name is the default. Sort by the characteristics listed. Click to see in descending order. Click Sort to see the newly sorted results.

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