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One Step Searches

Searches are organized by the tables of information. The contact information is stored in the Personal table. To search for information on the Personal table, click Search, then Personal. To search for everyone who lives in the city of Minneapolis, go to City, type Minneapolis, and click Find.

To search for multiple criteria at the same time on a single table, click Search, then Personal. Go to City and enter Minneapolis, then Zip Code and enter 55555. Click Find. The results show all people who live in Minneapolis with a Zip Code of 55555.

Multi-Step Searches

Multi-step searches allow searching for multiple criteria. For example, use a multi-step search to find people who live in Minneapolis and people who live in St. Paul.

First, search for people living in the city of Minneapolis. To add people who live in St. Paul, click Search, then Personal, and change the Selection Mode to Add. Go to the City field, type St. Paul and click Find.

By default, the selection mode is set to New Selection, meaning it will forget any previous steps performed. In addition to the Add selection mode, there is Filter selection mode, used to display only people matching two criteria, and Remove selection mode, used to remove people from search results.

Saving and Replaying Searches

To see the current search steps, click Current Search or Search, then Current.

To save frequently used searches, click Save, and enter a name and description for the search. Create folders to organize saved searches, or save a search in a previously created folder. Select the "Allow other users to replay this search" checkbox to allow others in your organization with different logins to access your search.

To view saved searches, click Search, then Saved. Click the Play button in the Run column to replay a single step of the search. Click Replay to replay the entire search.

The saved search saves only the search steps, not individual members. New members in the Databank will show up in the search, if they match the search criteria.

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