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Your Databank now has a "Quick Find" search box on the top right side of every page.  This tool helps you quickly find and view a specific member record without having to go to a search results page.  As you type in a search value, it drops down a list of up to 15 suggested members, that match what you've typed in either the first name, last name, company, email, or member id# fields of all the member records in your Databank.  As you type more, it quickly homes in on the member you're looking for and you can modify your search within the search box to change your results.  You've probably seen features like this in such places as social networks and Google applications.

  • At least 3 characters must be entered before it starts dropping down the suggestion list.
  • Searches for any of the following fields that start with what you type:  first name, last name, company, email, member ID.  For records with two names, both are searched.
  • Clicking on a suggested name takes you to that member's history page.  This does not change your current selection.
  • You can also arrow down into the suggestions and press <Enter> to select the highlighted member.  Again, this brings up the member's history page and does not change the current selection.
  • If you press <Enter> while typing in the search box, this does change your member selection.  A new member selection is created from members matching your search value.  Though this isn't the main intent of Quick Find, it's helpful when your search value stubbornly continues to find more than 15 matches (think Johnson).



How it differs from EZ-Query:

  • Quick Find is available on all pages.  EZ-Query is available on selected pages.  
  • Quick Find searches all fields for a single search value.  (There is some special logic for names.  E.g., "Mar Sm" would find Mary Smith.) EZ-Query allows entering different search values for different fields.  
  • Quick Find only creates a member selection if you press <Enter> in the search box.  Quick Find is more oriented to finding a specific member, without changing the current selection. EZ-Query always creates a new member selection.  
  • Quick Find allows you to modify your search in real time. EZ-Query requires you to submit your search before seeing the results.
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    Chris Cheney

    Super cool in theory (a couple of us in the office are not getting the drop down). Just letting you know

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    William Naylor

    Are you able to get the drop down if you do a hard refresh by pressing CTRL + F5?  Which browser and platform are you/they using?  Thanks.  

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    I just tried a cache refresh, and still no luck. I am using what Chrome reports is the latest version, 19.0.1084.56, in Win7 Professional. Other Chrome users in my office (same OS) report the same, though as I said it does work in FireFox.  I did not try IE.

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    Thanks for this... it's going to make the use of/searching by Relationships a TON easier than it was previously :-D

    It now works in Chrome for us at the HSC offices.