VIDEO | In Depth: Viewing and Exporting Data

1. Downloading
2. Viewing in a Roster Report
3. Viewing in Spreadsheet Software

To download the Current Selection, go to Members, then Download.

On the download configuration page, select the checkboxes for the fields to download, including contribution summary fields, if desired. Household this information by selecting the checkbox. Include Linked Tables, including Custom Tables, to complete a full download of your Databank.

Select the output format file type operating system and field delimeter, which tells the system what character to put in between your data. By default, this is set to Tab. Click download to create the file. To download files, right click and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...". This will download the file to your compuer.

Viewing in a Roster Report
To create a roster, go to Members, then Reports, then Member Roster or Contact Roster. The member roster configuration page is similar to the Download page. Select the fields and click View. To see an individual record, click the hyperlinked ID number. To change the configuration of the report, click Return to Member Roster Setup. To download the member roster, select the Downloadable text file. Select file type and field delimeter, then View.

Viewing in Spreadsheet Software
Open the downloaded .txt file in Excel.

Open spreadsheet software. Go to File, then Open and locate the downloaded file. Change the file type to include all files. Excel will open the text import wizard. Click Next to go through the wizard without changing any information.

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