VIDEO | Quick Start: Create a Mailing

1. Select Members by Searching
2. Download Information for a Mail Merge
3. Create Mailing Labels
4. Add a Contact Note to Selected Records

Select Members by Searching
To run a saved search, go to Search, then Saved. Click the Edit icon to open the saved search. Click Replay to rerun this search. To make the search results the current selection, click on the number of members.

Download Information for a Mail Merge
To download informaiton for a mail merge, go to Members, then Download. Select the fields to view. Deselect phone and email for printed mail merge. Household the records. Householding ensures that each mailng address only receives one letter. Multiple members with the same address will be combined on the first line of the mailing. Click download to create the file. Right click on the name of the file and "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...".

Create Mailing Labels
To create mailing labels, go to Communciation and select Mailing Labels. Choose the label type, combine selected records as householded records. Click Submit to create a file. View the labels in your browser or download.

Add a Contact Note to Selected Records
To add a contact note to the selected records, go to Members, then Tag Selected. Enter the contact note information, and click Add Contact Records to save this contact note for everyone in the current selection.

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