VIDEO | In Depth: Contact Notes

1. Contact Note Fields
2. Editing and Deleting Contact Notes
3. Filtering Contact Notes

Contact Note Fields
Click the Add Contact Note icon to add a contact note for that member. Today's date, or the date of the most recent contact note, is automatically filled in.

Contact By is specified by organization. Type a name to Add a new name. Next time it will appear in the drop down menu.

Contact Types are also specified by organizaiton. Type a contact type to add a new contact type. Next time it will appear in the drop down menu.

Contact Method is not specified by organization; select one option from the list.

Type 255 characters in the note field to describe the contact. Drag and drop the lower right corner to expand this box. Click Submit to save the contact note.

Editing and Deleting Contact Notes
Click the Edit icon to edit or delete the contact note. To Delete, click the delete button and confirm.

Filtering Contact Notes
Click the Filter icon to filter Contact Notes by Date, Contact By, Contact Type, or Method. To see all Contact Notes again, click Show All.

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