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Publishing Your PowerMail to Social Media


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  • Melissa

    Unfortunately, this feature has never worked for us.  It would be so convenient if it did. We do everything it says to do and the sharing image we've placed in Properties never appears in the share window on Facebook (yes we are logged in) and has never worked on LI regardless and pulls random headers and content from the publication.  Haven't tried IG.  When the window does pop up, the image is just a gray box that says which we would never post.  You can add captions, and Facebook has now added a “tip” you can select and add an image, but the link goes away, or at least it appears too.  Haven't tried adding the image and putting the link in the caption to see if it works, but this is more trouble then manually doing the post outside of databank. Randomly I check to see if it does and get a little frustrated to find it still doesn't and I've been in this job for a year and a half. I would suggest removing this as an option until you can get it to work.  Or clearly explain why it doesn't work.


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