Can I Embed a Video in an Email?

NOTE: If you are trying to share a video as part of a fundraising campaign, you can alternatively embed it within your donation form. Read more about adding file attachments to your forms by clicking here.

Most email programs won’t show embedded videos (or other Flash) in an email. I would suggest embedding the video somewhere on your website or YouTube and providing a link to the video in your PowerMail. One way of doing this is to take a screen shot of the webpage (Alt + Prt Scr), like above.  


Next, crop the image down so all you see is the video player, like this.


Save the image to your computer as a jpg. Now you can upload this image to your image library in PowerMail, and insert it into your message. After adding the image to the PowerMail click on it and then click on the 'Link' button (icon that's a small chain). Enter in the 'Web Site' the video is hosted on. You can even assign a click-thru tracking name to see how many people click on the image. Click 'OK'.

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