Add Social Sharing to Donation Thanks Pages.

Here's how to add social media options to your donation forms:


Go to Setup -> Form Builder


Click the Edit icon next to the form you want to add the options.


You'll want the social meda options to be on the Thanks page people are taken to after donating.

1. Click the Thanks tab.

2. Enter some text to let people know to spead the word.

3. Make some room for the icons - just a paragraph or two will be good.


You'll have to enter some HTML code to accomplish this (Don't worry, you don't need to know any!)

Click the HTML button on the editor.

Paste in the following HTML where you want the social media options to display:

    <!-- Go to to customize your tools --> <div class="addthis_sharing_toolbox"> &nbsp;</div> <!-- Go to to customize your tools --><script type="text/javascript" src="//" async></script>

NOTE: The icons don't show up when you switch back from the HTML view. Don't worry, they're there.

Switch back to normal view and click submit.


This is what it looks like on the front end.

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