Subscriber no longer receiving emails sent through thedatabank

Why is my subscriber no longer receiving emails sent through thedatabank?


The failure of email delivery is a common concern, especially as overall rates of inbox placement in the United States has been on the decline. It can be especially frustrating when it's important supporters of your organization who should be receiving your emails, but aren't.

First, it's important to note that much of the success or failure of email delivery is recipient-dependent. It’s your subscribers’ email providers who ultimately will decide what messages get rejected or filtered, and what makes it into the inbox.

The most common reason for subscribed individuals not receiving the emails you've sent them is their email client provider is blocking delivery and/or rejecting the messages as spam.  Anti-spam software can exist at multiple levels, including the mail server, Internet Service Provider, and individual email program.

To remedy this, it's important to first make sure that thedatabank's mail server IPs are listed on your organizational domain's SPF records - if this bit of important information is missing from your domain's DNS listing, recipients' email providers are more likely to block your messages.

Second, make sure to review the list of things you should be doing to improve your email deliverability and avoid spam filters.

Finally, your individual subscribers have some things they can try. They can add your organization's email to their address book, double check their email account's spam setting, and contact their Internet Service Provider or domain administrator and ask them to whitelist thedatabank's IP address:

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