How do I get a report for a specific campaign with donations and contact info?


Q: I'd like to do a search for contributions for a specific campaign (over a certain amount of $) in order to get a report that includes contact info AND the amount of money each donor donated for that specific campaign. I've tried 1) search / that campaign - but that report doesn't include the amounts donated for that campaign, and tried 2) some other series that I cannot remember that gave me donation amounts for that campaign, but no contact info.



A: Here are the steps I would take to get the report you want.

1. Go to Search > Contributions in the menu.
2. On that page enter your campaign and minimum amount and click Find. It's important to do these at the same time.
3. Go to Fundraising > Reports > Fundraising Roster in the menu.
4. The key to getting the data you want on this report is to click 'Include only contributions that match the recent search criteria' in the Contribution Fields section of the report. You can configure this report to show any contribution details or contact info.
5. Click View.


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