How do I download a report that includes all of the contact info and contributions for a donor?


Q: I am trying to export information to an excel file. I would like a SYBUNT (some year but unfortunately not this) report that includes ALL of the contact information (including email and phone) that we have for donors as well as ALL gifts made (listed, not totaled). I have only been able to find a way to create a .txt file and it seems to only include name, address, and last amount given. How do I do this?


A: These are the steps I would take to generate this file.

1. Go to Fundraising > Reports > Donor > SYBNT in the menu. This will generate a report of all the people that have donated some year but not this calendar year.
2. Near the bottom of that report, click the link for 'Make these members the current selection'
3. In the menu to go Fundraising > Reports > Fundraising Roster.
4. In the Personal Fields section check any options you want to include and in the Contribution Details section, make sure to include some details to avoid only getting the totals.
5. Right above the details, is a 'Contribution Layout' option: Horizontal means multiple gifts will be included on the same row, with new columns created. Vertical means all gifts will be in the same column with the member information repeated for each gift.
6. Near the bottom, change the Output Format to Downloadable text file and click View.
7. That will take you to a page with a link to download your file.



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