Setting up your Facebook Advocacy App

Facebook App Setup


1. Login to your Organization's Facebook Page

2. Go to the following link,, and click the 'Add to My Page'

3. In your Advocacy System you can  select what Actions you wish to include in the Facebook App.


Q: Can the Congress Web link name on the Facebook page be customized?

A: Yes, the link name (commonly referred to as tab name) can be customized. When on your Facebook page you will click 'Edit Page'. Then, you will click on apps in the left sidebar. You will find CongressWeb among your apps. You can change the link name by clicking Edit Settings underneath CongressWeb's app in your app list.

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    John Perez

    Sarah, we have two FB pages: how do we determine which FB page (or both!) an action will show up on? Actions are currently showing up on one page but not the other. Some actions will need to appear on both pages and some will be only one or the other.

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    John Perez

    Nevermind, we figured it out! :)


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    Denise Welch

    This link does not work... :(