Letting your Activists customize an Advocacy Action

Advocacy Actions created in SoftEdge can be set to allow your Activists to customize the message.

There are two ways to let your Activists customize their message.

  1. The entire message of the Action can be edited
  2. A message field can be added to the Action which allows your Activists to add their comments to the message

1. The entire message of the Action can be edited

Click Message Settings in Step 2 of your Action



Change Message Editing to Allow Editing


The message of the Action can now be edited by your Activists


2. Add a message field to the Action to let your Activists add a personal comment

Click Contact Form in Step 2 of your Action


Click Add Custom Field


Add your Custom Field


  1. Add a new field, or select a previously created message field
  2. Name your field
  3. Choose the type of input
  4. Select if it is required
  5. Add instructions

The display name and instructions will be displayed on your Action

To add a message, select Text Field.
Click here for an explanation of the different input types.

Insert your Custom Field into the message as a Merge Field


  1. Select your Custom Field from the available merge fields
  2. Click Insert Merge Field
  3. The merge field will now be available in your Action


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  • Avatar
    Barb Simanton

    Is it possible to create a default to "allow editing" rather than "preview only"

  • Avatar
    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    Hi Barb,

    It is not possible to change the default setting from "Preview" to "Allow Editing". You can, however, always duplicate an existing action if you want to keep all the settings the same.