Welcome to the new Support Center


A Brief Tour of the Support Center Key Features

In our new Support Center we have added new features, cleaned up some old content, and made the Support Center a more user friendly experience.

With a focus on visual navigation and search, we hope that you will find the Support Center a useful part of being a Databank client.

User Section

The top row of the Support Center is focused entirely on providing you, the user, with the information you need to get the most out of your Databank. There are both familiar and new options found here.

Familiar options include finding live training, submitting a support request and looking at our FAQ.

News & Guides

A new category we have added is News & Guides. Here you will be able to find new information about your Databank as well as resources for new users. A new section in this category is Announcements. Here we will be posting incremental updates and changes to your Databank as well as system wide announcements.


Knowledge Base

The main body of the Support Center houses our Knowledge Base. The Knowledge base is organized by the Databank product you are using, Basic Databank, PowerMail, Fundraising and Advocacy. Specific tools within your Databank also have their own categories such as Meetings & Events, Form Builder and Administrative Setup. The sections and articles in the Knowledge Base are all step by step tutorials walking you through the various features and tools in your Databank.


Features Requests & Best Practices


The final category in our Support Center contains our updated Feature Requests and is also the new home of Behind Tech Lines, our tech blog.

Feature Requests continue to be the best way for our clients to suggest new product features and vote on their favorite ideas.

Behind Tech Lines is our tech focused blog of best practices, musings and ideas for Databank clients.


Better Subscriptions

Receive updates whenever an article or section you are following gets an update. By  following an article, section or Feature Request, you will receive an email every time a new post is made.

Since not every change warrants it’s own newsletter issue, subscribing to Announcements is the best way to make sure that you are up to date on incremental changes being rolled out in your Databank.


Improved Search 


The Support Center now has an improved search which will return results from both our Knowledge Base and from the Feature Requests / Best Practices section of our Support Center.


Our commitment to our clients

As always, thedatabank remains committed to the success of our clients, helping you develop and sustain long-term relationships with your supporters. We are positive that the new Support Center will be another way in which our clients are able to find and access the information they need to make the most out of their Databank. 

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