Maintenance Notification - 05/02/2015

To provide our users with the best possible experience, thedatabank will switch DNS providers this Saturday, May 2, 2015.  The change will roll out to the internet sometime after 10 PM CDT. 

We do not anticipate any latency or disruption in service during this time for customers or donors using our system.  However, in the unlikely event of a disruption, it is possible that our company email and/or support center may be temporarily unreachable. 

We are making this change of DNS providers to increase our service's availability across the country, as the new provider has more redundancy and a 100% uptime guarantee.  DNS is the service that helps your browser find sites by name.  A DNS server outage can make a site inaccessible to everyone, or to some internet service providers and not others, or in certain geographic areas.  One hundred percent DNS uptime is a very good thing!  We look forward to sharing this increased reliability with you.

Thank you for using thedatabank.  We appreciate our clients and all the great things you do!


Mark Paquette
Co-founder and CTO
thedatabank, gbc

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